14/09/2018 20:00
SkyHaxball Season 1 PlayOff
Hello dear members,
we came close to an end of SkyHaxball Season 1! Since we decided this is introudicing season, we made it short - only one round rubin played with ending in play-off matches.
Play of with 4 best teams will be played on Monday - LIVE STREAM on PecikTV! Thanks to Pecik for helping it and thanks to all teams who played. Good luck to Lux Aeterna, 4Kings, Excellents and Vatreni for this success and good luck to all of them. They were also rewarded with HCL slots for HCL #17.

All matches should be played on Monday, 17.09!
14/09/2018 22:00
Season 1 Positioning
Helloooo, SkyHaxball Season 1 regular time is close to end after almost all of 11 matchdays were played. 2nd part of the season (since it is first season) won't be played - we will get the winner trough play-offs. Top 4 teams in regular part of the season will qualify for Haxball Champions League #17. Playoff start on Monday, 17.09 at 20 CET!SkyHaxball Season 1 is finally over!
Since it was an opening season, we decided to make it short and play only 11 matches and place 4 best teams into playoff to compete for the title. Positioning of teams after regular part of the Season is: (1) Lux Aeterna, (2) 4Kings, (3) Excellents, (4) Vatreni, (5) Flying Apes, (6) Intoxicated HC, (7) Storm Wolves, ( Memento Mori, (9) Veracruz, (10) Plus Ultra, (11) Dacka IY, (12) H2K... First 4 teams were awarded with Play-Off spots and HCL slots for HCL #17. If some of them refuse, Flying Apes will take over the slot. Last 4 teams lost motivations after they realized they can't catch the play-off and left th